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Top visualization and reporting tools

The process of graphical data representation in the form of heat maps, charts, infographics, sparklines, geographic maps, or statistical graphs is known as data visualization. 

When data is displayed visually, it is easier to comprehend and evaluate, which helps to derive useful insights from the data. The results can then be used by pertinent parties to make better judgments in real time.

Data visualization is made easier with the help of solutions that support streaming data, AI integration, embeddability, collaboration, interactive exploration, and self-service features. 

Software that automates the process of creating reports from several data sources is known as an automation reporting solution. They gather, examine, and systematically display data, frequently in real-time. These instruments are employed in several fields like operational monitoring, software testing, and business analytics, offering

These are 20 excellent tools for data visualization and reporting that are becoming more and more well-known in the industry for their outstanding functionality and performance.



1- Juice Analytics


Utilize white-labeled analytics products to make money from your data.

Juice is your comprehensive solution for confidently designing, developing, and deploying.

Convert Your Information Into Income

Juice is a full-service collaborator for developing analytics solutions that bring in money. With the help of their patented technology and experience, it transforms your data into useful products that stimulate growth.


  • Rapid Time-to-Market
  • Seamless Integration
  • Cost-Effective Growth
  • Unmatched Expertise and Proven Success
  • World-Class Products






To improve your tales, add charts, tables, and maps.

Datawrapper lets you present your data as eye-catching tables, charts, or maps with only a few clicks.

Their mission is to enable anyone to create beautiful charts, maps, and tables.

Code or design knowledge is not necessary.


  • Copy & paste your data
  • Edit your chart
  • Embed or download






Identify, refine, and fix using ES|QL on Kibana

Use Kibana to quickly and efficiently do data analytics for security, observability, and search. robust analysis of any data, from logs to application monitoring, threat intelligence to search analytics, and much more.

The Elasticsearch Query Language (ES|QL) streamlines and changes data exploration. To increase productivity and expedite workflows, you may search, aggregate, and visualize data all on one screen while iterating through your investigations.


  • Build and iterate. Queries and results.

  • Make better decisions when seconds count and data is vast

  • Faster analytics, faster solutions

  • Search with Ki Bana

  • Survey your data landscape with field statistics

  • Guide teams to insights with dashboards and cases

  • Monitor and take action on alerts

  • Scale your analytics for all your data

  • Narrow down your investigation with Discover

  • Spot trends with precision

  • Match data findings to the audience with Canvas

  • Run time series to find similarities

  • Analyze with the power of ML

  • Build trust on a single, secure data analytics platform







A free cloud-hosted zero-client tool for analytics and data visualization is Visualize Free. It is a variation of the InetSoft-developed commercial dashboard, reporting, and data mashup platform.

You only need to drag and drop your spreadsheet data to create interactive visualization dashboards. A shareable link that has been generated allows you to share your private dashboards with other people.

Three Simple Steps to Creating Your Visualization:

  • Upload
  • Visualize
  • Share






Code is used to create the greatest dashboards.

A contemporary approach to developing and hosting robust, effective data apps is provided by Observable.

You can use Markdown, Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, or any other language you choose to use.

Using observable makes creating bespoke data apps, dashboards and reports faster and more effective. Go past outdated BI technologies that provide very rudimentary dashboards and insights.


  • Develop and deploy data apps the modern way
  • Build locally, your way
  • Any language, any library
  • Instant dashboards
  • Continuous deployment
  • Purpose-built for data apps
  • Leaders in data visualization






Beautiful, simple storytelling and data visualization

Your data is simply transformed into eye-catching maps, infographics, and interactive tales.


  • Activate your viewers
  • Empower the whole team
  • Embed, share, present
  • Your brand, your style






Eye-Catching Content for Modern Marketers

Inform our representative about the project you are working on.

Obtain a quote. They use flat pricing so there are never any surprises.

They can begin as soon as you give the quote your approval.

Explain your goals, intended audience, and creative influences.

Their shortened, simplified forms help you fill out accurately.

Your creative brief will serve as the project’s guidance.

Highest quality talent, full creative service and a better way to work.

How we create content with a big impact ?







With ChartBlocks, you can convert your spreadsheet data into shareable images without using any code.

Make stunning personalized charts.

You can easily import, create, and share data visualizations with the help of ChartBlocks. It’s simple for you to decide how you want to present the data’s story thanks to hundreds of design options.


  • Easily import your data
  • Share your insights
  • Take your charts with you






They facilitate the creation of dashboards and charts for web and mobile platforms for developers.

For R,.NET, Python, iOS, Angular, React, VueJS, and Javascript, among other things.

Their more than ten years of direct expertise in developing charting solutions for both large and small businesses enable us to recognize and address pressing issues, freeing you up to complete more tasks.

The only charting library you need :

  • Highcharts Core
  • Highcharts Maps
  • Highcharts Stock
  • Highcharts Gantt
  • Highcharts Dashboards
  • Highcharts Advantage

Popular Tutorials :

  • Angular Signals with Highcharts
  • Highcharts with Angular V14



10-Looker Studio



Make your data visually appealing.

Looker Studio is a free application that creates fully customizable, readable, shareable, and interesting dashboards and reports of your data. The drag-and-drop report editor can be used for :

  • Using charts to tell your data story: pivot tables, area and bubble graphs, geo maps, line, bar, and pie charts, as well as paginated data tables.
  • Using date range controls and viewer filters to add interactivity to your reports. Any report can be transformed into a customizable template report with data control so that anyone can view their own data.
  • Constructing product catalogs, video libraries, and other hyperlinked material, including links and clickable images.
  • Adding text and images to your reports to annotate and brand them.
  • Using color schemes and patterns that help tell your data tales.






Gorgeous data visualization with responsive assistance, a reliable API, and a wealth of documentation.

FusionCharts has you covered whether you’re creating a dashboard with simple or sophisticated data on a desktop or mobile device.

The Trustworthy Chart Collection for Experts.

FusionCharts Suite,FusionTime,FusionExport,FusionGrid.


  • 100+ Interactive Charts & 2,000+ Data-driven Maps
  • High-performance time-series charts for ‘big data’ dashboards
  • FusionCharts leads the way in building beautiful dashboards






Tableau Public is a free online platform for creating, exploring, and sharing data visualizations, or vizzes as we like to call them.

With free in-platform web authoring or Tableau Desktop Public Edition, anyone can create vizzes.

Free publishing to Tableau Public is another option available to users of Tableau Desktop Professional Edition. Tableau Public offers millions of creative data visualizations for you to explore and learn from, making it simple to hone your data literacy and build an online portfolio. Become a member of the Tableau Public community to integrate data into your daily life and to grow and learn from one another.


  • Explore endless possibilities with data
  • Connect with a global community
  • Visualize data at the speed of thought






In minutes, create captivating reports and infographics.

Infogram is a user-friendly visualization tool that enables individuals and groups to produce visually stunning content.


  • Save time and stay on brand
  • Wow your audience with interactive content
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Track how your work resonates with your audience
  • Create responsive content for web




14-information is beautiful



Be prepared to learn,ideation and the creation of strong, captivating concepts ready for infographics and visualization.

The process of developing, choosing, and implementing suitable and efficient visualizations creating and enhancing diagrams and charts.

And receive a general introduction to :

  •  How to tell tales and ideas with data visualization
  • The numerous novel techniques and strategies for data visualization
  •  The greatest available tools combined with the best decisions and methods






This website began as a result of my admiration for all the incredible data analysis work that is being done globally and my goal to compile it all in one location to serve as a personal rolodex for my creativity.

Over time, the blog’s initial focus on graphic design and economics has broadened to include a variety of subjects.








Get to know the infographics of the future.

Presenting the newest AI-powered infographic creator from Piktochart. In just a few seconds, transform any concept into an infographic that perfectly reflects the language of your business. 

With Piktochart, you can produce compelling reports, eye-catching posters, captivating films, persuasive presentations, and high-quality infographics.


  • Created for simplicity. Learn the platform in less than an hour.
  • Integrate into your current workflow
  • Turn complex data into a clear, catchy visual.
  • Edit your videos like a text document.



17-Google Charts



There are several ready-to-use chart kinds available in the chart gallery, ranging from basic line charts to intricate hierarchical tree maps. 

Google offers free, easy-to-use, and robust charting tools. Check out their extensive collection of interactive data tools and charts.

It provides a Rich gallery,Customizable, Dynamic data, Controls and dashboards for Free.






A free and open-source JavaScript library for data visualization is called D3 (or D3.js). Its web standards-based, low-level methodology provides unmatched flexibility for creating dynamic, data-driven visuals.

D3 has been a key component of higher-level chart libraries for over ten years, driving innovative and award-winning visualizations and fostering a thriving global community of data practitioners. 


  • low-level toolbox
  • flexible
  • works with the web 
  • for bespoke visualization   
  • for dynamic visualization






chartist: straightforward, adaptable charts.

It’s possible that you believe this to be just another charting library. However, the community that was dissatisfied with the features offered by previous charting tools created Chartist.js. There are, of course, plenty of other excellent charting libraries out there, but after using them, you would wish they had included certain adjustments.


  • straightforward handling that prioritizes convention over configuration
  • Extreme versatility with a definite separation of concerns (control with JS and style with CSS)
  • Application of SVG (Yes, SVG is the web’s future of illustration!)
  • Completely receptive and independent of DPI
  • Configuring responsively while using media queries
  • Completely constructed and adaptable with Sass



All these tools are made to visualize data and make reports with no time and as fast as possible, now they all in your hand to save your time and effort.

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