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Best dataset resources ( 20 resource)

To be proficient in data science, it is best to explore and play around with various types of projects.

Finding the appropriate dataset for your task is a prerequisite for becoming a successful data professional.

It’s not a simple task, particularly for someone who is just starting off or entry-level. we will help you find the best ones for your projects in this post;

let’s take a look at the top 20 websites that offer public datasets.

1-Pew research

Pew Research Center educates the public on the problems, viewpoints, and global trends. They carry out data-driven social science research, including demographic studies, content analysis, and public opinion polling.

The Center produces a foundation of factual information that enhances facilitates wise decision-making.

Their empirical research on a wide range of topics aids in the understanding and resolution of some of the most difficult issues facing the public, educators, civic leaders, and politicians in the United States and around the world.

Democracies are powered by fact-based information, which serves as the foundation for society’s ability to recognize issues and come up with solutions.

 2-World bank

The United Nations (UN), the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), regional development banks, donors, and the World Bank collaborate closely in the field of international statistics through:

  • Taking part in the UN Statistical Commission and other statistical forums to create standards of good practice, guidelines, and suitable frameworks for statistics
  • Establishing worldwide consensus and identifying metrics, such as those for the Millennium Development Goals
  • Establishing procedures and techniques for data interchange
  • Putting together, evaluating, and sharing information both online and offline

The World Bank sponsors several projects to gather transnational data in addition to assembling international data sets, which are typically based on data collected by national statistical agencies.

3-Humanitarian data exchange

An open platform for exchanging data across organizations and during emergencies. HDX was founded in July 2014 with the intention of simplifying the search and utilization of humanitarian data for research. Users from over 200 nations and territories have accessed their expanding collection of datasets.

OCHA’s Centre for Humanitarian Data, situated in The Hague, is in charge of managing HDX.

  • SDG1 No Poverty
  • SDG2 Zero Hunger
  • SDG3 Good Health and Well-Being
  • SDG4 Quality Education
  • SDG5 Gender Equality
  • SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG10 Reduced Inequalities

4-WHO data

They support everyone’s health and a brighter future.

Driven by research and committed to promoting universal health, the World Health Organization spearheads international initiatives that provide every individual with an equal opportunity to lead a healthy life.

Global initiatives to increase access to universal health care are led by WHO.

They oversee and plan the global response to medical crises. Additionally, they advocate for better lifestyles from conception to old age.

Their Triple Billion targets present an ambitious strategy based on science-based policies and programs to ensure universal access to good health. 

5-Data rade

Think of Datarade as “Shopify for Data”—the company creates the Data Commerce CloudTM, a B2B software platform that makes it simple for businesses to set up a data shop, link with data markets, and expand globally.

They have the potential to become a true leader in their sector, as seen by their 1,000+ registered data providers, 50k+ monthly B2B customers, and strategic partnerships with companies such as SAP.

Types of data available: 

  •  Geospatial Data
  • Commerce Data
  • Financial Data
  • Company Data
  • Real Estate Data
  • Web Data
  • AI & ML Training Data

6-Health data

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), an independent population health research organization housed at the University of Washington School of Medicine, collaborates with partners globally to generate timely, pertinent, and scientifically valid evidence that sheds light on the global state of health.

They hope to inform health policy and practice in pursuit of their vision—all people living long lives in full health—by making their research accessible and relatable.


create beautiful data-driven websites that launch quickly.

To make data storytelling and analysis easier, they offer markdown documents superpowers.

You can quickly combine rich text content with data and data visualizations by using DataHub. No coding or embedding is required for your charts and tables;

they may be added to the document using a fairly straightforward syntax by referencing your data files or by giving inline data.

What you get at the end is an editable, plain-text document enhanced with data visualizations that is easy to publish using DataHub.

Key features

  • Simple syntax
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Instant publishing
  • Elegant data visualizations
  • Always up-to-date
  • Share & collaborate easily


1052 GitHub repositories are included in this dataset, along with additional columns showing the number of open pull requests, issues, forks, and predominant languages used in each.

They collected this data while working on a project that recommended repositories. They scraped over 18,000 repositories and sorted the repositories with at least one open issue so they could suggest a repository to the user to contribute to.

9-AWS open data registry


The purpose of this registry is to facilitate the discovery and exchange of datasets made possible by AWS resources. View the most current additions and discover more about AWS data sharing.

See all of the tutorials along with the corresponding SageMaker Studio Lab notebooks to get started with data quickly.

View all datasets specified in this registry’s usage examples.

View datasets from the Space Telescope Science Institute, Digital Earth Africa, NASA Space Act Agreement, NIH STRIDES, NOAA Open Data Dissemination Program, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), Data for Good at Meta, and Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative.

10-Big query public data

Any dataset kept in BigQuery and made accessible to the public via the Google Cloud Public Dataset Program is considered a public dataset.

BigQuery contains public datasets that you may access and use in your apps. Through a project, Google pays for the datasets’ storage and makes the data accessible to the general public.

Only the queries you run on the data are billed to you. Depending on the pricing parameters of the query, the first 1 TB per month is free.

You can study publicly available datasets with classic SQL or Google SQL queries. When querying public datasets, use a fully qualified table name (bigquery-public-data.bbc_news.fulltext, for example). 

11-Wikipedia database

Interested people can obtain free copies of every content available on Wikipedia. Mirroring, individual use, unofficial backups, offline use, and database queries (as for Wikipedia: Maintenance) are all possible with these databases.

The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC-BY-SA) governs all text content, and the majority of it is also licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

The terms under which images and other files are made available are specified on their description pages. 


  • Offline Wikipedia readers
  • uploaded files (image, audio, video, etc
  • Dealing with compressed files
  • Dealing with large files

12-Kaggle datasets

Study, evaluate, and disseminate high-quality data.

Although Kaggle offers support for multiple dataset publication formats, they strongly advise dataset authors to provide their data in an open, easily accessible format if at all feasible.

Open and accessible data formats are not only easier to work with for a wider range of users, independent of their toolkit, but they are also better supported on the platform.


  • Supported File Types CSVs,Archives,JSON,SQLite,BigQuery
  • Searching for Datasets
  • Newsfeed
  • Datasets Listing
  • Tags and Tag Pages
  • Creating a Dataset
  • Navigating the Dataset Interface
  • Creating Datasets from Various Connectors

13:Nasdaq data

Alternative data is undiscovered insight, untapped alpha.

The signals hidden in the data produced by the digital economy present investors with their largest opportunity of the decade.

The world’s most profound and underutilized source of information intelligence is still alternative data.

They source, assess, and productize undiscovered data assets at Nasdaq Data Link to turn them into quantifiable, useful intelligence.

Their data is used to power trading models.

They search for, review, and assess unique data from unorthodox sources. They productize and package data into feeds that support current state-of-the-art machine learning techniques as well as strategies that go beyond optimizing fundamental approaches.

How they create data products ?

  • Acquire

  • Assess

  • Productize

  • Deliver


Their bold goal at the outset was to create the world’s most plentiful, collaborative, and significant data repository.

These days, data.world is widely acknowledged as the top enterprise data catalog and governance platform supporting some of the most well-known brands in the world’s strategic data initiatives.

They are advocating inclusive, flexible procedures for data work and democratizing access to data. Data.world brings together data consumers and producers to help businesses become data-driven.

They enable data professionals to become knowledge superheroes by simplifying data discovery, governance, and analysis.

Their organization is for the public benefit.

The majority of corporations are obligated to put the interests of their shareholders first. Not them. In order to carry out their purpose, they are constituted legally as a Public Benefit Corporation.


The Official U.S. Government Open Data Website.

Data, tools, and resources are available here to help with research, web and mobile application development, data visualization design, and more.

The goal of the US government’s open data website is to unlock the potential of open data to support public and policymakers’ decision-making, stimulate economic growth and innovation, fulfil agency mandates, and fortify the basis of an accessible and transparent government.

Government data must be made available in open, machine-readable formats while maintaining privacy and security, as mandated by the OPEN Government Data Act, Title II of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act.

The comprehensive guide should be reviewed by government data publishers who want to get their data on Data.gov

16-Reddit datasets

Take a Chance on Anything.

Authentic human connection, limitless conversation, and dozens of communities are all found on Reddit. There’s a community on Reddit for everyone, regardless of your interests—breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or an endless feed of the creatures on the internet.

Millions of individuals worldwide post, vote, and leave comments in groups based on their interests every day.


  • Post
  • Comment
  • Vote

17-Academic torrents datasets

In the era of big data, Academics Torrents was founded to satisfy the needs of science. It makes use of a scalable BitTorrent platform to share the load of data hosting, removing the possibility of data loss as a result of the ebb and flow of dataset hosting companies.

Large datasets can be shared and replicated by researchers without requiring them to pay the exorbitant fees typically incurred by using commercial suppliers.

This service is intended to make it easier to store any type of data used in research, including articles and datasets. BitTorrent technology offers numerous benefits for the distribution of this work.

content delivery and distributed storage made available to everybody. Users of the system can safely download files from one another.

They are also able to exchange files.

18-Google data search

“Dataset Search” is a data set search engine.

Users can find data sets maintained by thousands of online warehouses by conducting a basic keyword search.

Apart from providing global access to and utility of data sets, the Data Set Search message is:

  • Creation of an integrated data sharing system to incentivize data publishers to adhere to best practices for data distribution and storage
  • Providing scientists with a means of demonstrating the significance of their research by citing the datasets they have generated.

Users searching for “dataset search” will get more diverse and comprehensive datasets the more data set repositories describing their datasets using schema.org and related standards.

19-Google public data explorer

Concerning the Public Data Explorer

Large datasets of public interest can be easily explored, visualized, and shared thanks to the Google Public Data Explorer.

The world’s changes become more understandable as the charts and maps animate over time. To navigate between various perspectives, conduct your own comparisons, and communicate your findings, you don’t need to be an expert in data.

The application allows users to generate visualizations of public data, link to them, or embed them in their own web pages. This includes students, journalists, policy officials, and the general public. Links and embedded charts can be set to refresh automatically, ensuring that the data you share is up to date at all times.

In March 2010, the Public Data Explorer was released.

20-Census data

The purpose of the Census Bureau is to be the primary source of high-quality information about the people and economy of the country.

Title 13 and Title 26 of the United States Code govern how the Census Bureau functions.

Their objective is to offer the data they gather and services they offer in the most cost-effective, timely, relevant, and high-quality manner possible.

Lists of authorized and pending Census data collecting are available at www.reginfo.gov.

Find out how they monitor the success of their own work, how they encourage the creation of evidence throughout the government, and how the Evidence Act is being implemented.

In order to save money on collecting data and lessen the workload for those who participate in their surveys and censuses, the Census Bureau recycles data from other organizations.

One of the hardest steps in working on data is to collect data from reliable resources, we put in your hands reliable data resources to save time and effort, use them freely.


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