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Data Science Roadmap
Webinars & Events
In this Webinar, we will wake you through the thinking methodology and approach of data science problems, also giving a walkthrough of the data sci...
1 Lectures
2 Hours
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Big Data & Data Engineering Webinar (794 x 397 px)
Webinars & Events
In this webinar, we will go through all the major concepts of Big Data, positions, and Technologies around it. After this session, you will be able...
1 Lectures
1.5 Hours
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Our mission at DataValley is to help and enable all data geeks from all levels and all industries and backgrounds to gain solid knowledge in all data valleys to make a positive and powerful impact on their lives and their organizations.

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Learn SQL: 10 Best Free SQL Tutorials You Can Take in 2022

Are you looking to break into data science? If yes, learning SQL can help you gain foundational data skills, as well as ace technical interviews. ...

Data Science in Real-life.. a Closer look | Part 2 | Predicting Strokes with Machine Learning

Use Case Introduction Now that you’ve seen how data science can be applied in real life, we’ll walk through a step-by-step project on how to ...

Data Science in Real-life.. a Closer look | Part 1

Introduction Data science has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. From predicting diseases to finding the best route to your work, the enormous amounts of ...

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