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Top 20 AI tools in 2024

The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence.

Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision are a few specific uses of AI.  

With the increasing hoopla surrounding AI, companies are rushing to highlight the ways in which their goods and services leverage this technology. Frequently, what is called artificial intelligence is just a feature of the technology, like machine learning.

Machine learning algorithms must be written and trained on specialised hardware and software, which is a prerequisite for AI. There isn’t just one programming language that works with AI, however, AI developers tend to use Python, R, Java, C++, and Julia due to their features.  

AI programming focuses on cognitive skills that include the following :

  • Learning. 
  • Reasoning.
  • Self-correction.
  • Creativity.


In this article, we will talk about the 20 most important AI tools :
Taskade :

Utilize AI to Create Dynamic Workflows, Give your imagination a task or goal. Create dynamic SOPs, project sprints, flow charts, to-do lists, and more. Use a variety of visual aids to help you visualize your job, such as mind maps, boards, tables, calendars, and lists. Use AI to streamline and realize your vision.


  • Chat with AI 
  • Visualize notes
  • Turn ideas into actions with AI
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Unlimited team collaboration
  • Unlimited video chat & meetings





Using Lumen5 for creation is similar to creating a presentation. Drag and drop, point and click, and you’re done.

Lumen5 has been dubbed the PowerPoint of video production by one of their colleagues. PowerPoint may be used by everyone; it’s quite simple.

Templates made to support you in adhering to your schedule, budget, and brand for your social media postings, Lumen5 offers an excellent collection of pictures, videos, and music that will give them the momentum and excitement they require.

It takes 10-15 minutes to create a video.


Enter any prompt and create a compelling presentation using AI in minutes.

It feels good to get work out of your head and into the world.

Quickness meets excellence. Tome facilitates rapid concept expression without compromising nuance or elegance.

It’s simpler to create than a webpage and more captivating than a deck.

With AI, you can quickly create an engaging presentation by responding to any request. Getting work out of your thoughts and into the world feels terrific, Which you require for your postings on social media designed to express concepts more quickly.

  • Perspire over the little things (and improve them).
  • Give your work polish and organization.



Browse AI:


The simplest approach for gathering and tracking data from any website.

It takes two minutes to train a robot and coding is not necessary.



  • Extraction of Data
  • Monitoring
  • Prebuilt Robots




Produce content, expand your prospecting efforts, improve your CRM, and much more. 

Your whole GTM team is intended to use this AI platform. 

Install their robust, ready-made processes, or quickly create your own.



  • Zero-retention data policy
  • Sales teams are able to use Copy.ai.
  • Marketing teams can make use of Copy.ai
  • Engage with the daily tools that your team utilizes.



The goal of AI is to revolutionize software development through a coding LLM.

The purpose of developing BLACKBOX.AI is to :

Make engineers 10X faster at developing and launching products to quicken the pace of innovation within businesses.

and quicken the growth of software engineers globally from ~100M to 1B.



  • Natural language to code
  • Real-time knowledge
  • Code completion
  • Vision
  • Code commenting
  • Commit message generation
  • Chat with your code files





Bard is Gemini now 

It’s a conversational AI program. 

Function calls, embeddings, semantic retrieval and custom knowledge grounding, and chat functionality are just a few of its capabilities.

It works in more than 180 countries and territories globally and supports 38 languages.

With the current release, Gemini Pro can produce text as an output and accept text as input. Additionally, a text-only multimodal endpoint for Gemini Pro Vision has been made available today. It accepts both text and imagery as input.

Gemini Pro SDKs are available to assist you in creating cross-platform applications. Supported languages include Python, Android (Kotlin), Node.js, Swift, and JavaScript.

As of right now, it’s free to use up to a certain point and will be reasonably priced.

Google AI Studio: The fastest way to build with Gemini

Build with Vertex AI on Google Cloud.




In just a few minutes, you can convert text to video.

You can create videos of studio quality with voiceovers in more than 120 languages and AI avatars. As simple as creating a slide deck, Use more than 140 AI avatars to engage your audience.



  • Transform text into crisp voiceovers with just one click.
  • Maintain an updated video archive without doing any reshoots.
  • Integrate your videos with the programs you love.
  • based on the principles of security and ethics.


How it works ?

  • Create your script
  • Customize your video
  • Collaborate
  • Share and export




One instrument throughout the whole procedure.

All you need is Descript to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and publish your podcasts and videos.

It has truly beneficial AI capabilities.



  • Edit words to alter a video.
  • AI voice cloning
  • One click, studio-quality audio
  • Green screen visual








Writing That Advances You ,Unblock your thoughts to increase both group and individual output. To compose, brainstorm, rewrite, and respond with an AI co-creator that is prepared and aware of your communication objectives, click the Grammarly button.



  • Accelerate your writing process

  • Rewriting made delightful

  • Assistance, in your voice

  • Ideas that come to you

  • Expedite your email replies

GitHub Copilot:


Talk to people about your codebase. When you’re having trouble, ask GitHub Copilot for help, whether you’re trying to find a bug or creating a new feature.

Boost the security and quality of the code. Authors of code with Copilot have greater confidence in the quality of their work. Additionally, insecure coding practices are instantly prevented by the integrated vulnerability protection system.

Facilitate more cooperation. The newest person on your squad is Copilot. Ask questions about general programming or very specific topics related to your codebase to receive quick replies, get a feel for the place, get an explanation of an enigmatic regex, or get advice on how to make legacy code better.



  • Suggests code completions.
  • Spend less time searching and more time learning




Developers may create code more quickly with Tabnine, an AI-powered code completion tool. It evaluates code patterns and offers insightful recommendations based on the coding style and language of programming. Additionally, it can produce code snippets based on context or starting characters.

With Tabnine, developers can write code more quickly and efficiently while also saving time and effort.



  • Private
  • Personalized
  • Protected



Reading and writing code can be challenging!

Figstack helps you interpret the data so you can focus on producing meaningful work.

Equipped with artificial intelligence and trained on billions of lines of code, Figstack improves your ability to comprehend and write multilingual code. 


  • Understand code in any language
  • Automate documentation for your functions
  • Translate programming languages
  • Get the time complexity of your program





It decreases tedious work and creates time for worthwhile pursuits, increasing output.

AI-driven efficacy, effectiveness, and a user-friendly interface that boosts your outcomes with AI boost throughput and programming efficiency with artificial intelligence.

This innovative method of teaching coding is designed to help you understand the material quickly and effectively.

The best approach to advance, regardless of expertise level, is to learn to code using Codi’s workbook format.

It’s ideal for experienced professionals looking to refresh their abilities or for beginners eager to get started.



  • Codi Chat
  • Workbooks
  • Codi Integrations
  • Translate
  • Languages
  • Quick Suggestion




Organize, log, and evaluate every meeting in one location. Combine conversations from all of the main conferencing systems into a single, safe, searchable meeting library


  • Meeting notes for every meeting
  • Find any past meeting at any time
  • Recall your past meetings
  • Enjoy AI meeting summaries
  • Stay informed without attending
  • Automate your follow-ups




Take notes and summarize meetings 30 times more quickly.

Work together on the live transcript by designating action items, underlining important points, and adding comments with your teammates.



  • Save time with Automated Meeting Notes

  • Get answers instantly

  • Keep everyone aligned with Live Summary




Stockimg is an AI-powered all-in-one solution for design and content development.

Generating a logo, artwork, wallpaper, poster, and more is simple. AI-powered generation that can make many designs, for example :

  • Create Illusions 
  • Design Web UIs 
  • Design Posters 
  • Create QR Codes 
  • Create Avatars 
  • Create Illustrations 
  • Create Art 
  • Create Stock Images 
  • Create Wallpapers 
  • Design Book Covers
  • Design Logos



Bing Image Creator:


Bing Image Creator Is Copilot Now 

AI tool called image creator that enables users to create AI images using DALLE 3. Their AI will provide a group of images that correspond to a text question.

There are no upfront fees or waiting lists.

Their goal is to make AI-generated imagery accessible to everyone. Ideas can be visualized by anyone.

Over 100 languages are supported by the picture creator. Please use Microsoft translator to view a complete list of supported languages.


Youtube Digest Extension:


Experience the power of YouTubeDigest, a state-of-the-art application that creates succinct and enlightening summaries of your favourite YouTube videos using ChatGPT AI.

You may save time and increase your output by seeing a preview of a video before you start watching it.

Enhance your experience by choosing from a variety of summary formats :

  • Quickly summarize the important points in one paragraph.
  • Summaries in bullet points to help you quickly grasp the main elements.
  • Go deeper with video chapters and layered bullet points.
  • Reap the benefits of an extensive synopsis with summaries akin to articles. 



Software for UI design accessible to all. Complex design software shouldn’t be needed to communicate UI concepts.

With Visily, you can design whatever you can imagine.

Without requiring you to fiddle with plugins, libraries, or design systems, Visily provides all the tools you need to quickly build high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes.

At Visily, artificial intelligence isn’t a bonus; it’s the basis of the software. Visily employs AI to get rid of difficult design problems, convoluted procedures, and more.



  • Screenshot to Design
  • Sketch to Design
  • Text to Design
  • Over 1,500 prebuilt templates




Each tool has its own mission, choose the one you need according to your needs and save your time and effort.


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