Data Lake Concept and Solutions on GCP using Cloud Storage | GCP Cloud Storage.

Introduction to Data Lakes Let’s start with a discussion about what data lakes are, and then where they fit in as a critical component to your overall data engineering ecosystem. So what is a data lake? Well, it’s a fairly broad term, but it generally describes a place where you can securely store various types […]

Building a data warehouse solution using BigQuery | GCP BigQuery

An enterprise data warehouse brings the data together and makes it available for querying and data processing, it should consolidate data from many sources. All data in a data warehouse should be available for querying and it’s important to ensure that those queries are quick. Another reason to consolidate all of your data besides standardizing […]

Building a data pipeline using Dataflow | GCP Dataflow

Data uncover deep insights, support informed decisions, and enhances efficient processes. But when data coming from various sources, in varying formats, and stored across different infrastructures, so here are data pipelines are coming as the first step to centralizing data for reliable business intelligence, operational insights, and analytics. By contrast, the data pipeline is a […]