Your Guide to NoSQL Databases | Data Engineering

One of the major reasons that the era of big data started was the increase in the number of data source and variety of data types that each organization has nowadays, almost any organization has different types of data not only structured data but also it can have unstructured or semi-structured data, and each type […]

GPT-3, The model simply knows!

Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) has been one of the most challenging areas in deep learning. This is due to several reasons. First, human language is complicated, even for humans themselves!  Consider asking someone about his experience in learning Chinese, for example. Without a doubt, he will tell you that this is difficult. The […]

Quick Reference to six D’s of the data field

For any professional or beginner in the data field, regardless of your specialty or technology you will work on, you will hear about one or more of the following concepts, and we can say it is absolutely important for any data professional to know at least the general concept of any of the following concepts. […]