Aggregation Queries in Apache Hive | Apache Hive

Introduction Data aggregation is the process of gathering and expressing data in a summary to get more information about particular groups based on specific conditions. HiveQL offers several built-in aggregate functions, such as max, min, avg,..etc. It also supports advanced aggregation using keywords such as Variance and Standard Deviation and different types of window functions. […]

Apache Hive Table Types | Apache Hive

Apache Hive is designed to give data engineers and data scientists a SQL like access to the big data available in the Hadoop cluster, so we can think of it as a normal RDBMS, in normal RDBMS we have a database, and tables, in Hive we have the same except in Hive we have two […]

Introduction to Hive | Apache Hive

Hive was initially developed by Facebook in 2007 to help the company handle massive amounts of new data. At the time Hive was created, Facebook had a 15TB dataset they needed to work with. A few short years later, that data had grown to 700TB. Their RDBMS data warehouse was taking too long to process […]