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ServiceNow Connector Application

The AWS Managed Services (AMS) Connector application connects your AMS environment directly with ServiceNow. This application helps centralize your IT service management (ITSM) tasks in a single pane of glass, or dashboard. In this course, you will learn the benefits and common tasks performed in the AMS ServiceNow Connector application. • Course Level: Fundamental • Duration: 8 Hours Activities: This course includes real-world scenarios, video demonstrations, and text. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: • Identify the purpose and value of the AMS Connector application • Install the AMS Connector application (system admin) • Configure the AMS Connector application (system admin) • Create an incident using the AMS Connector application • Create a Request for Change (RFC) using the AMS Connector application • Create a service request using the AMS Connector application  Intended audience: This course is intended for: • Existing AMS customers o Operations personnel o Security personnel o IT and infrastructure support team members • AWS Partners Prerequisites: We recommend that course participants have: • Basic knowledge using ServiceNow and AMS services  Course outline: Section 1: Introduction to the AMS Connection Application Module 1: Introduction • Narrated animation: Introduce the customer challenge, and explain how the AMS Connector is a solution. • Describe the advantages of the AMS Connector application. Section 2: Administrator Tasks Module 2: Install the Application • Demonstration: Download and install the AMS Connector application, and verify that the connector is installed successfully. Request the AMS Operations Team to create the IAM user with the required permissions to use the AMS Connector application. Retrieve the AWS access key and secret key from the AWS Secrets Manager. • Describe the application installation prerequisites. Module 3: Configure the Application • Demonstration: Set up a managed account. Assign existing ServiceNow users permission to use the AMS Connector. Use the guided setup to configure the incident module and the RFC module. • Describe the different AMS Connector application modules. • Describe scheduled jobs, and give examples. Section 3: User Tasks Module 4: Create an Incident • Demonstration: Create and submit an incident, such as an EC2 instance that is not responding. Resolve the incident. • List and describe different incident categories. Module 5: Create an RFC • Demonstration: Create and submit an RFC, such as deploying a new EC2 instance. • List the different AMS change types. Module 6: Create a Service Request • Demonstration: Create and submit a service request, such as asking a question about AWS Network Firewall support. • List and describe the different AMS service requests.


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