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Securely Connecting AWS IoT Devices to the Cloud

AWS IoT Core provides secure, bidirectional communication between internet-connected devices, such as sensors, actuators, embedded microcontrollers, or smart appliances and the AWS Cloud.


In this course, you will learn how to securely connect a device to the cloud using AWS IoT Core, and ensure that an AWS IoT policy is properly set up to allow the sensor to publish messages on a specified topic.


As you progress through this course, you relate the concepts that you are learning about to a real-world use case of a food services company trucking ice cream products to stores.

  • Course level: Fundamental
  • Duration: 1 Hour





This course includes online materials and knowledge check questions.




Course objectives


In this course, you will learn to:

  • Describe how a single IoT device can be registered within AWS IoT Core.
  • Describe how a device and AWS IoT Core communicate.
  • Describe how AWS IoT handles device authentication and authorization.
  • Describe how an AWS IoT policy can be used to control device access based on the principle of least privilege.



Intended audience

This course is intended for developers and solutions architects who are familiar with the AWS Cloud.





This course assumes you have completed the course Getting Started with AWS IoT, or have equivalent knowledge of the AWS Internet of Things (IoT) concepts covered.




Course outline


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: How to Use This Course
  • Lesson 2: Course Introduction
  • Lesson 3: AWS IoT Scenario

Section 2: Connecting Devices to AWS IoT Core

  • Lesson 4: Key Components of AWS IoT Core
  • Lesson 5: Organizing Devices and Things
  • Lesson 6: Connecting a Device: Process Overview
  • Lesson 7: Knowledge Check

Section 3: Securing Devices and Authorizing Actions

  • Lesson 8: Authorization and Authentication of IoT Devices
  • Lesson 9: AWS IoT Policies
  • Lesson 10: Applying Security to a Thing: Process Overview
  • Lesson 11: Testing the Communication Connection: Process Overview
  • Lesson 12: Knowledge Check

Section 4: Summary and Conclusion

  • Lesson 13: Recap and Review
  • Lesson 14: Course Assessment
  • Lesson 15: Resources Cleanup
  • Lesson 16: Feedback


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