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IoT Foundation: Telemetry

Billions of small, physical devices, such as sensors and actuators, are currently deployed in homes, factories, hospitals, and in other business use cases. This proliferation of devices requires solutions to connect, collect, store, and analyze the data that these devices generate. By using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things (IoT), you can build IoT solutions for most use cases across a wide range of devices. Being able to build and administer an IoT infrastructure is quickly becoming the skill set of the future. In IoT Foundation: Telemetry, the first course in the [IoT Foundation Series], you will learn the basic building blocks of an AWS IoT infrastructure. Through the use of a real-world scenario, you will create an IoT device, set up communications, and transform the data from your device. You will create rules to process and move the device data into other AWS services. You will then use analytics to visualize and present your results. You will learn AWS IoT terminology, concepts, and AWS IoT services through interactive exercises and demonstrations while you build a foundational knowledge of IoT topics and protocols. Through this course, you build your skills to successfully engage with IoT as a solution and progress to the more advanced Foundation Series courses. •Course level: Intermediate •Duration: 2.5 hours Activities: This course includes the presentation of information, videos, and assessments. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: •Register a sensor within AWS IoT Core •Customize an AWS IoT policy to the sensor •Establish communication with the sensor •Collect data from the sensor •Redirect the data using AWS IoT rules •Visualize the data using AWS IoT Analytics and Amazon QuickSight Intended audience: This course is intended for: •Architects •Data engineers •Developers Prerequisites: We recommend that attendees of this course have: • [Getting Started with AWS IoT] (https://explore.skillbuilder.aws/learn/course/external/view/elearning/11841/getting-started-with-aws-iot) •A basic knowledge of the AWS Management Console Course outline: Module 1: Introduction •Introduction to Foundation Series: Telemetry •IoT Foundation Series •The Telemetry Scenario •Business Outcome Module 2: AWS IoT Core Services •Overview of AWS IoT Core •Things and Devices •Connecting to AWS IoT Core •Demo: Create a Thing Module 3: Device Security •Device Security •AWS IoT Policies •Auditing Devices •Demo: Applying Security Module 4: Message Broker and Registry •Message Broker •AWS IoT Registry •Demo: Testing Communication Connection Module 5: AWS IoT Rules •Completed Business Objectives •Rules Overview •Demo: Applying Rules Module 6: Presenting the Data •AWS IoT Analytics •Demo: Visualizing the Data Module 7: Best Practices •Best Practices for AWS IoT


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