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IoT Edge Computing: Amazon FreeRTOS Primer

This course focuses on learning how to configure, deploy, and manage devices using Amazon FreeRTOS. Intended Audience: This course is intended for: •Business decision makers •Fleet managers •Device engineers Course Objectives: In this course, you will learn to: •Identify the open source FreeRTOS kernel and understand how Amazon extends it •Deploy devices using Amazon FreeRTOS and establish telemetry with AWS IoT Core •Send over-the-air (OTA) updates to our things •Monitor logs associated with the deployment Prerequisites: We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites: • [IoT Foundation: Telemetry] (https://www.aws.training/learningobject/wbc?id=23507) • [IoT Foundation: Command and Control] (https://www.aws.training/learningobject/wbc?id=23822) • [IoT Edge Computing: Introduction to Amazon FreeRTOS] (https://www.aws.training/learningobject/video?id=16622) Delivery Method: This course is delivered through: •Digital training Duration: 3 Hours Course Outline: This course covers the following concepts: •Overview •Welcome to Amazon FreeRTOS •Introduction to FreeRTOS •Objectives •Introducing FreeRTOS •Introducing Amazon FreeRTOS •Discussing the key elements of the Amazon FreeRTOS architecture •Examining the Amazon FreeRTOS kernel •Identifying the Amazon FreeRTOS libraries •Listing the supported microcontroller units for Amazon FreeRTOS •Summary •Knowledge Check •Preparing for Amazon FreeRTOS •Discussing certificate-based authentication •Discussing the PKCS11 Library •Discussing secure sockets using TLS •Discussing the MQTT library •Summary •Knowledge Check •Deploying Amazon FreeRTOS •Using the FreeRTOS Console to manage software configurations •Demo: Establish telemetry with devices •Summary •Knowledge Check •Maintaining Amazon FreeRTOS •Discussing the Amazon FreeRTOS AWS IoT Device Shadow library •Discussing ASW IoT Device Defender •Discussing Jobs •Discussing OTA updates •Demo: Create an OTA update •Reviewing logs •Demo: Review logs •Summary •Knowledge Check •Additional Services •Discussing security libraries •Outlining Bluetooth Low Energy library •Outlining Greengrass Discovery library •Discussing the Amazon FreeRTOS qualification program •Using the Device tester •Summary •Knowledge Check •Closing •Summary •Identifying best practices •Assessment •Feedback


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