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Introduction to AWS Solutions

Course description In this course, we will describe the various capabilities that AWS Solutions offer and how your customers might benefit. You will learn how to save time and reduce development effort by using AWS Solutions for dozens of technical and business problems. In the following videos, we will explore how these different AWS Solutions benefit your customers and how you can implement them. A team of experts will walk you through all the aspects of AWS Solutions. The course includes short knowledge checks at the end of each module and a final assessment at the end. •Course level: Fundamental •Duration: 45 Minutes Activities: This course includes animated videos, interactive content, knowledge checks, and a final assessment. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: •Solve common customer problems through appropriate AWS Solutions. •Describe the different types of AWS Solutions and their purpose. •Become familiar with at least one use case for each AWS Solutions asset type. •List the top AWS Solutions Implementations. •Know where to go to learn more. Intended audience: This course is intended for: •Software developers •Cloud architecture designers Prerequisites: We recommend that attendees of this course have: •None Course outline: Module 1: Introduction to AWS Solutions •In this module, we will describe the various capabilities that AWS Solutions offers and how your customers might benefit. •Overview of AWS Solutions •How builders and customers use AWS Solutions •Overview of AWS Solutions asset types •Characteristics of offerings •Objective of AWS Solutions •Brief knowledge check Module 2: AWS Solutions Implementations and AWS Reference Architectures •In this module, we will explore AWS Reference Architectures and AWS Solutions Implementations. AWS Reference Architectures architecture diagrams are used to describe the design, topology, and service interaction of applications built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS Solutions Implementations are easily customizable so that specific organization needs can be met. •Overview of AWS Solutions Implementations •Instance Scheduler use case •Overview of AWS Reference Architectures •Brief knowledge check Module 3: AWS Solutions Constructs •In this module, we will explore AWS Solutions Constructs. By starting with Constructs, customers can ensure that their workload contains well-architected components. •Overview of AWS Solutions Constructs •Benefits and objectives linked to AWS Solutions Constructs •Use case for AWS Solutions Constructs •Brief knowledge check Module 4: AWS Professional Services and Partner Offers •In this module, we will explore how the AWS Partner Network serves as an acceleration engine for customers who work with our AWS Partners. These •Partners continually integrate our AWS Solutions to drive their business outcomes. •Overview of AWS Solutions Consulting Offers •Benefits and objectives linked to AWS Solutions Consulting Offers •Use case for AWS Solutions Consulting Offer Airline •Links to bookmark •Brief knowledge check Module 5: AWS Solutions Bringing It All Together •In this module, we will reiterate the four major offerings of AWS Solutions. AWS Solutions provides a wide area of offerings that can benefit your customers regardless of size or industry. •Overview of covered topics •Links to additional resources Module 6: Quiz •Quiz Module 7: Resources •Links to bookmark


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