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Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders – Healthcare and Life Sciences

Course description In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help companies in the healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) industries meet business objectives. It explores how Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings the most advanced and secure cloud services, the deepest collaborative business solutions, and the fastest rate of innovation. With AWS, your organization can cloudify its business and create new efficiencies, differentiating and innovating at every stage of the journey. • Course level: Fundamental • Duration: 90 minutes Activities This course includes online materials and knowledge checks. Course objectives In this course, you will learn to: • Explain the role of IT in an organization for business transformation. • Explain the customer value proposition for using the cloud in the healthcare and life sciences industries. • Define key characteristics of cloud computing. • Explain the cloud business model. • Identify key healthcare and life sciences security practices of cloud computing. • Use the AWS Cloud Value Framework to describe the benefits of cloud-based workloads. Intended audience This course is intended for: • Business leaders and decision makers Prerequisites • No prerequisites Course outline Section 1: Overview • Lesson 1: How to Use This Course Section 2: IT FOR BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION • Lesson 2: Information Technology for Business Transformation Section 3: CLOUD COMPUTING • Lesson 3: Introduction to Cloud Computing • Lesson 4: Key Characteristics of Cloud Technology • Lesson 5: IT Service Models • Lesson 6: Elasticity • Lesson 7: Cloud Security and Regulatory Compliance • Lesson 8: AWS Global Infrastructure • Lesson 9: Section Resources Section 4: BUSINESS VALUE OF THE CLOUD • Lesson 10: Value Measurements • Lesson 11: Industry Trends • Lesson 12: Case Studies • Lesson 13: Section Resources Section 5: THE CLOUD VALUE FRAMEWORK • Lesson 14: AWS Cloud Value Framework • Lesson 15: Cost Savings • Lesson 16: Staff Productivity • Lesson 17: Operational Resilience • Lesson 18: Business Agility • Lesson 19: Sustainability • Lesson 20: Section Resources Section 6: RESOURCES AND FEEDBACK • Lesson 21: Feedback


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