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Breaking Free from Legacy Databases

Technology has changed, and legacy commercial databases haven't changed to keep up with it. The cloud has accelerated how you build and manage your applications and infrastructure. The elasticity of the cloud means you can build faster, more resilient applications. It also means that you don't need to be locked-in to restrictive annual contracts. In this first course from the Breaking Free from Legacy Databases curriculum, you will learn the value and process of moving from legacy databases into cloud-native databases. You will learn why you would want to break free from legacy databases and the key factors to consider in choosing a cloud-native database. •Course level: Intermediate •Duration: 20 minutes Activities: •This course includes presentations and audio narration. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: •Explain the value of moving from a legacy database into a cloud-native database solution •Identify the factors you need to consider when moving to a cloud-native database This course is intended for: •Customers, Amazonians, and AWS Partners who have experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), including a background in database administration and design •Data platform engineers •Database developers •Solutions architects Prerequisites: We recommend that attendees of this course have: •Basic understanding of databases, including maintenance and support •Completed the AWS Planning and Designing Databases course  Course outline: Course 1: Breaking Free from Legacy Databases •Lesson 1. Introduction •Lesson 2. Why break free from legacy databases? •Save money on licenses and operating expenses •Better performance with cloud-native design •Faster development speed •Lesson 3. Factors to consider in choosing a cloud-native database •Choose a cloud-native database type •Choose a migration process •Lesson 4. Next steps •Complete one or more of the hands-on migration courses within the Breaking Free from Legacy Databases curriculum based on your database situation


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