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AWS Wickr Getting Started

Course description

This course provides an overview of AWS Wickr. You will learn about use cases and accreditations. You will also learn how to create a Wickr network from the AWS Management Console. This course is not intended to cover features in depth. It facilitates basic onboarding to Wickr for initial use. It also provides examples of why organizations choose to deploy Wickr. 

  • Course level: Fundamental
  • Duration: 30 minutes



This course includes presentations, demonstrations, and knowledge checks.

Course objectives

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Recognize the purpose and functionality of Wickr.
  • Understand when it is appropriate to use Wickr in an organization.
  • Start using Wickr from the AWS Management Console and onboard users.
  • Identify the regulatory requirements and security standards that Wickr helps customers meet.


Intended audience

This course is intended for:

  • Account managers (technical and nontechnical)
  • IT managers
  • Users and security teams looking for a privacy-focused messaging application





Course outline

  • Introduction to Wickr
  • Architecture and Use Cases
  • How Do You Configure Wickr in the AWS Management Console?
  • How Do You Remove Users from a Wickr Network?
  • How Do You Cancel a Wickr Plan?



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