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AWS Tools to Develop, Run, and Modernize .NET Workloads

Course description In this course, .NET developers and Microsoft technology practitioners discover .NET integrated development environment (IDE) toolkits, and AWS libraries for .NET. Learn how to use these and other AWS tools to develop, run, and modernize .NET applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). • Course level: Fundamental • Duration: 60 minutes Activities This course includes presentations, tutorials, and assessments. Course objectives In this course, you will learn how to do the following: • List AWS tools and services that support .NET. • Describe the purpose and features of the following tools and toolkits: o AWS IDE (Visual Studio Code, Rider, and Visual Studio) toolkits o AWS SDK for .NET o AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) for .NET o AWS Toolkit for Azure DevOps o AWS Tools for PowerShell o AWS extensions for .NET Command Line Interface (CLI) o AWS App2Container o Porting Assistant for .NET o AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET o AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring • Choose the appropriate migration and modernization tools based on a use case. • Locate, download, and install IDE toolkits and resources. • Locate resources and links for migration and modernization tools. Intended audience This course is intended for the following roles: • .NET Developers • .NET DevOps Engineers • .NET Architects • Microsoft technology partners Prerequisites We recommend that attendees of this course have: • None  Course outline Lesson 1: Overview of AWS Services That Support .NET • Compute resources • Databases • Security and diagnostics • Knowledge check Lesson 2: Using AWS Development Toolkits for IDEs • AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio • AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code • AWS Toolkit for Rider • Knowledge check Lesson 3: Developing, Managing, and Deploying .NET Applications with AWS Development Tools • SDK for .NET • AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) • AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Azure DevOps • Knowledge check Lesson 4: Managing .NET Applications from the Command Line • AWS Tools for PowerShell • .NET CLI extensions • Knowledge check Lesson 5: Migrating and Modernizing .NET Applications • Porting Assistant for .NET • AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring • AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET • AWS App2Container • Knowledge check Lesson 6: Wrap Up • Additional resources


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