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AWS Lambda Foundations

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. This course focuses on what you need to start building Lambda functions and serverless applications. You learn how AWS Lambda works and how to write and configure Lambda functions. You explore deployment and testing considerations and finally end with a discussion on monitoring and troubleshooting Lambda functions. Course level: Foundational Duration: 120 minutes Activities: This course includes interactive lessons, demonstrations, and knowledge checks. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: •Define how Lambda works •Examine Lambda function permissions and security •Demonstrate best practice for writing Lambda functions •Deploy and test your serverless applications •Explore best practices for effective code writing •Monitor and troubleshoot Lambda functions Intended audience: This course is intended for: •Cloud architects •Developers Prerequisites: •This is a foundational level course and appropriate for all learners Course outline: Section 1: Introduction to Serverless •Services in the AWS serverless platform •Examples of serverless architecture •Describe Lambda in comparison to other compute options •Review AWS Lambda features Section 2: How Lambda Works •Types of event sources •Synchronous vs asynchronous event sources •Lambda Destinations •How event sources trigger Lambda functions •Push and polling events •Lifecycles of a Lambda function •Cold and warm starts Section 3: AWS Lambda Function Permissions •Permissions overview •Execution role and examples •VPC-enabled Lambda permissions •PrivateLink •Resource policy examples Section 4: Authoring Lambda Functions •AWS Lambda programming model •Handler method •Best practices for writing code •Lambda console editor •Package code as a container image •Upload via zip, S3, ECR •AWS SAM Section 5: Configuring Your Lambda Functions Concurrency and scaling Concurrency limits Bursting Provisioned concurrency Section 6: Deploying and Testing Serverless Applications •How is serverless deployment different? •Server-based vs serverless deployment •Server-based vs serverless development environments •Versions and aliases for safe deployments •Using publish to make a snapshot •Aliases point to specific version Section 7: Monitoring and Troubleshooting •Monitoring with CloudWatch •CloudWatch metrics •Using CloudWatch Lambda Insights •AWS X-Ray •AWS CloudTrail •Dead Letter Queues (DLQs) •Analyzing cold/warm starts using AWS X-Ray Section 8: Additional resources •Websites •Whitepapers •Blogs •Online serverless workshops •Recorded tech talks


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