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AWS Glue Getting Started

Course description AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that you can use to discover, prepare, and combine data for analytics, machine learning, and application development. In this course, you will learn the benefits, typical use cases, and technical concepts of AWS Glue, including AWS Glue Studio and AWS Glue DataBrew. DataBrew is a new visual data preparation tool that helps data analysts and data scientists clean and normalize data to prepare it for analytics and machine learning. You will have an opportunity to try the service through a demonstration using the AWS Management Console. • Course level: Fundamental • Duration: 2 hour¬¬s Activities This course includes presentations, graphics, and a demonstration with the option to follow along. Course objectives In this course, you will learn to: • Understand how AWS Glue works. • Familiarize yourself with the technical concepts of AWS Glue and DataBrew. • List typical use cases for AWS Glue and DataBrew. • Specify what it would take to implement AWS Glue and DataBrew in a real-world scenario. • Recognize the benefits of AWS Glue and DataBrew. • Explain the cost structure of AWS Glue. • Show how to use AWS Glue and DataBrew from the AWS Management Console. Intended audience This course is intended for the following roles: • Developers • Solutions architects • Data engineers • Business analysts Prerequisites AWS Technical Essentials Course outline • AWS Glue Basics o What does AWS Glue do? o What problems does AWS Glue solve? o What are the benefits of AWS Glue? o What is the data integration engine supported by AWS Glue? o How is AWS Glue used to architect a cloud solution? o What are typical use cases for AWS Glue? o What else should I keep in mind when using AWS Glue? • AWS Glue Cost Structure o How much does AWS cost? • Using AWS Glue Catalog and Glue Studio o What are the basic technical concepts I should know about AWS Glue Studio? o How do I crawl, catalog, and perform ETL on my data using AWS Glue? o Glue Studio tutorial video • AWS Glue DataBrew Basics o What are the basic technical concepts I should know about AWS Glue DataBrew? • Using AWS Glue DataBrew Data Profiling and Data Quality Checks o How do I profile my data, detect PII, and transform my data using AWS Glue DataBrew? o AWS Glue DataBrew tutorial video • Learn More o How can I learn more about AWS Glue?


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