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AWS Elemental Live – Foundations

This training provides an overview of the fundamental functions of AWS Elemental Live, an on-premises appliance used for broadcast television and for streaming to internet-connected devices. The course focuses on key operational aspects of streaming to internet-connected devices. It includes a tour of the key elements of the user interface and a demonstration of the steps to create a simple live event. It also outlines the basic steps to monitor and maintain the system as well as troubleshooting common system issues. •Course Level: Foundational •Duration: 2 Hours Activities: This training includes presentations, videos, knowledge checks, and assessments. Learning objectives: In this training, you will learn to: •Describe how AWS Elemental Live fits into the video compression process. •List common use cases for AWS Elemental Live. •Navigate key sections of the UI. •Create a simple live event. •Investigate system logs, alerts and messages in AWS Elemental Live •Describe the basic triage steps to resolve common system issues. •Conduct basic maintenance: configuring, reinstalling, and kickstarting (building a system from bare-metal hardware). Intended audience: This training is intended for: •Video operators / video technicians •System engineers •Anyone that wants to learn the basics of AWS Elemental Live. Prerequisites: We recommend learners complete the following optional digital training: •Video Streaming Concepts: AWS Media Services •Media Glossary Content outline: Module 1: Introduction to AWS Elemental Live •Introduction •What is AWS Elemental Live? •Problems that AWS Elemental Live Solves •User Interface Tour •Creating a Simple Event •Recap and Review •Test Your Understanding •Next Steps Module 2: AWS Elemental Live: Basic Setup, Monitoring, and Maintenance •Introduction •Notifications and Direct Monitoring •AWS Elemental Live Logs •Troubleshooting Common System Issues •Maintenance Basics •Recap and Review •Test Your Understanding •Next Steps •Further Resources in the AWS Elemental Support Center


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