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Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) Primer

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) provides a practical, serverless, set-and-forget elastic file system for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud services and on-premises resources. It is built to scale on demand to petabytes without disrupting applications. It grows and shrinks automatically as you add and remove files, eliminating the need to provision and manage capacity to accommodate growth. This course introduces you to the basics of file storage and the Amazon EFS service. You will learn what it is, how to get started, and how Amazon EFS integrates with other AWS services. You will also learn about the fully managed features of Amazon EFS such as availability, durability, and security. This course also introduces some of the primary use cases for Amazon EFS and their associated reference architectures. • Course level: Intermediate • Duration: 50 Minutes Activities: This course includes online materials, demonstrations, and knowledge check questions. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: • Recognize the different types of file storage. • Explain Amazon EFS features and benefits. • Create an Amazon EFS file system. • Summarize the relationship between Amazon EFS and other AWS services. • Identify how companies traditionally use Amazon EFS. Intended audience: This course is intended for: • Cloud architects • Storage administrators • Application developers • Data scientists Prerequisites: We recommend that attendees of this course have: • General AWS knowledge (Cloud Practitioner Essentials) • Knowledge of EC2 and virtualization Course outline: Lesson 1: Course overview • How to use this course • Course overview Lesson 2: Introduction to file storage • File storage overview Lesson 3: Introduction to Amazon EFS • Amazon EFS features and benefits • Creating an Amazon EFS file system Lesson 4: Integration and use cases • Amazon EFS and related AWS services • Amazon EFS use cases Lesson 7: Conclusion • Resources • Feedback


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