Best Data Science Books

Understanding data preparation, the importance of big data, and automated procedures all contribute to the future of data science. New learners need to understand basic algorithms and tools in order to evaluate data, investigate trends, and make informed judgments. The recommended data science books can help newcomers learn even if they have no prior experience. […]

Data Science Roadmap, Part 1: Learn Python, SQL, and Math

Are you an aspiring data scientist looking for a structured learning path? We’ve put together a complete data science roadmap to help you reach your goals. In this part 1 of the data science roadmap, you’ll find learning paths for Python, SQL, and Math for Data Science.

Learn SQL: 10 Best Free SQL Tutorials You Can Take in 2023

Are you looking to break into data science? If yes, learning SQL can help you gain foundational data skills, as well as ace technical interviews. We’ve put together this list of useful SQL tutorials that are free to access and cover SQL fundamentals.

Data Science in Real-life.. a Closer look | Part 1

Introduction Data science has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. From predicting diseases to finding the best route to your work, the enormous amounts of data generated every day make it almost impossible to just look the other way and not allocate all resources to get the most of it. In 2021, a staggering 79 […]

DNA Sequencing with Machine Learning

Introduction What if, a small sample of each baby’s saliva was sent out to a lab, where—for just a few dollars—the baby’s DNA was analyzed and a multitude of “risk scores” returned? These would not be diagnoses but instead, prognostication: This baby is at elevated risk for developing heart disease in 40 years, Is more […]

Ensemble Learning | Machine Learning | Data Science

English Tutorial Arabic Tutorial Transscript In some complex problems in data science, we find that the performance of our machine learning algorithm is very poor even after spending some time understanding the problem and performing some feature engineering. At that point, we realize that combining several machine learning algorithms may come to the rescue! Ensemble […]

Linear Regression in Simple Words | Data Science

As this introductory slide depicts, linear regression is a way to explain the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more explanatory variables using a straight line. It is a special case of regression analysis. … Linear regression can be used to fit a predictive model to a set of observed values (data points). […]

GPT-3, The model simply knows!

Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) has been one of the most challenging areas in deep learning. This is due to several reasons. First, human language is complicated, even for humans themselves!  Consider asking someone about his experience in learning Chinese, for example. Without a doubt, he will tell you that this is difficult. The […]

Quick Reference to six D’s of the data field

For any professional or beginner in the data field, regardless of your specialty or technology you will work on, you will hear about one or more of the following concepts, and we can say it is absolutely important for any data professional to know at least the general concept of any of the following concepts. […]

Scikit-learn Advanced Features | Data Science

Neither Titanic dataset nor sklearn a new thing for any data scientist but there are some important features in scikit-learn that will make any model pre-processing and tuning easier, to be specific this notebook will cover the following concepts The dataset used in this article can be found in Titanic Dataset Before diving into our […]