Data Science Roadmap, Part 1: Learn Python, SQL, and Math

Are you an aspiring data scientist looking for a structured learning path? We’ve put together a complete data science roadmap to help you reach your goals. In this part 1 of the data science roadmap, you’ll find learning paths for Python, SQL, and Math for Data Science.

Learn SQL: 10 Best Free SQL Tutorials You Can Take in 2023

Are you looking to break into data science? If yes, learning SQL can help you gain foundational data skills, as well as ace technical interviews. We’ve put together this list of useful SQL tutorials that are free to access and cover SQL fundamentals.

Detailed Guide for String Wrangling in SQL | MySQL | SQL Analysis

Extracting information from string columns is almost a repetitive necessity in Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Business Analysts day to day tasks, and this task can be done using a programming language such as Python, or by SQL depends on your application and on the task required. In this tutorial, we will discover together how […]