Building a data warehouse solution using BigQuery | GCP BigQuery

An enterprise data warehouse brings the data together and makes it available for querying and data processing, it should consolidate data from many sources. All data in a data warehouse should be available for querying and it’s important to ensure that those queries are quick. Another reason to consolidate all of your data besides standardizing […]

ER vs Dimensional Modeling simplified under 10 Minutes

In this video we will go through the main differences between ER modeling and Dimensional modeling by using simple and straight forward examples, and we will understand the importance of dimensional modeling in Data Warehouse design

Dimension Keys – Part 1 – Natural Keys | Data Warehouse

Dimensions tables are core part of any Data Warehouse modeling. In general dimension tables store details side of any event or business process, for example, for a purchase operation from a retail store we will have dimension tables to store customer information, product information, store information, and so on, on the other hand, Fact tables […]