Getting Started with Amazon Location Service

You can use Amazon Location Service to add location data to applications using maps, places, trackers, and geofences without compromising data security. In this course, you will learn the benefits, typical use cases, and technical concepts of Amazon Location. You will have an opportunity to try the service through provided sample code or the interactive tool in the AWS Management Console. •Course level: Intermediate •Duration: 40 minutes Activities This course includes presentations, graphics, sample code, and interactive activities. Course objectives In this course, you will learn to: •Understand how Amazon Location works. •Familiarize yourself with the technical concepts of Amazon Location. •List typical use cases for Amazon Location. •Specify what it would take to implement Amazon Location in a real-world scenario. •Recognize the benefits of Amazon Location. •Explain the cost structure of Amazon Location. •Show how to use Amazon Location from the AWS Management Console and using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). Intended audience This course is intended for: •Developers •Solutions architects •Cloud practitioners •IT operations engineers •IT professionals •IT leaders Prerequisites None Course outline Module 1: Introduction •Introduction to Amazon Location •Architecture and Use Cases Module 2: Using Amazon Location •How Do I Create Resources for Amazon Location Service? •How Do I Invoke Features of Amazon Location Service? •How Do I Create and Use Resources Using the AWS CLI? •How Do I Clean Up the Resources Using the AWS Management Console? Module 3: Resources •AWS CloudFormation and API (Python) Code Snippets •Learn More •Feedback