Introduction to Blockchain

This introductory course is designed for technical and nontechnical learners who are unfamiliar with blockchain and interested in how this technology can solve business problems. The course covers core blockchain concepts, benefits, and potential hurdles. The course also provides real-world examples of how businesses have implemented blockchain to solve a business need. •Course level: Fundamental •Duration: One hour Activities: This course includes presentations, interactive learning objects, and knowledge checks. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: •List blockchain core concepts •Compare and contrast blockchain and other similar technologies as databases and ledgers •Explain the benefits of blockchain in solving business problems •State examples of blockchain technology applied in various industries •Recognize the challenges in establishing blockchain •Describe the basics concepts, functionality, and benefits of Amazon Managed Blockchain Intended audience: This course is intended for: •Application developers responsible for implementing blockchain applications that meet the required business and technical specifications •Solutions architects responsible for designing blockchain applications that follow open standards and best practices for architecture design, performance, reliability, and security •Business leaders responsible for evaluating and approving blockchain initiatives at their organizations •DevOps engineers responsible for designing, deploying, and maintaining the cloud infrastructure that powers the blockchain applications Prerequisites: This course has no prerequisites.  Course outline: Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain: •Everyday blockchain •Comparing ledger, distributed ledger, and blockchains •Everyday examples of blockchain Module 2: Benefits of Blockchain: •Decentralization •Transparency •Immutability •Auditability Module 3: Blockchain Core Concepts: •Blocks •Cryptography •Timestamping •Peer-to-peer network •Smart contracts •Consensus mechanisms •Blockchain types Module 4: Blockchain Framework: •What is a Blockchain Framework Module 5: Challenges in Establishing Blockchain: •Issues with establishing blockchain Module 6: Solving Your Business Problems Using AWS Services: •Introduction to Amazon Managed Blockchain Module 7: Other Applications of Blockchain Technology: •Additional examples and use cases for blockchain technology