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Getting Started with AWS for Games – Part II

This course is designed to introduce game developers to the principles and best practices for hosting their game in the AWS Cloud. The course has two parts. In Part II, you will learn about game backends and how they work in the cloud. You will identify benefits, challenges, and considerations for designing game backends in the AWS Cloud. You will review a sample game backend architecture and identify the AWS services that can be used in each component. You will examine the Game Analytics Pipeline solution and how analytics can benefit game development. Next, you will explore tools for monitoring and observing your game. Finally, you will identify three tools to help you manage your game's infrastructure costs. •Course level: Fundamental •Duration: 30 minutes Activities: This course includes videos, practice exercises, knowledge checks, and a final assessment. Course objectives: In this course, you will learn to: •Recognize cloud architectural solution patterns for game backends and analytics. •Identify design considerations for game backend components and analytics, and determine which AWS services best fit a given use case. •Explore the AWS services for monitoring and observing your game. •Identify three AWS cost management tools to budget and forecast your game's infrastructure costs. •Locate additional information, tools, and resources. Intended audience: This course is intended for game builders, including: •Game designers •Game developers •Game producers •Game artists •Game administrators Prerequisites: We recommend that attendees of this course have the following experience: •Completed Getting Started with AWS for Games – Part I course •A foundational understanding of cloud computing and the equivalent to AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials or AWS Technical Essentials course •Familiarity with principles of game development and operations Course outline: Lesson 1-2: Course Overview •How to use this course •Introduction Lesson 3-5: Game Components •Game backends in the cloud •Game backend components •Game analytics Lesson 6-8: Game Monitoring and Cost Management •Monitoring and Observability •Managing Game Infrastructure Costs •Practice scenarios Lesson 9-11: Next Steps •Summary •Next Steps •Course Assessment


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