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AWS Cloud Economics for Healthcare

This course provides an overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources that are uniquely available to the healthcare industry. It includes a survey of AWS resources especially applicable to healthcare. The course explores special topics, such as rightsizing instances to particular needs and budget-saving tools to control spend. There is an emphasis on the agility provided by the AWS Cloud and its relevance to healthcare providers as they grow into new markets and opportunities. Finally, this course shares case studies of cloud adoption for healthcare so customers can use the learning experiences of others when shaping their own journey. Course level: Fundamental Duration: 80 minutes Activities This course includes interactive learning objects, videos, and knowledge check questions. Course objectives After this course, you will be able to do the following: • Understand AWS and who they are as a company. • Understand Cloud Economics and how you can realize their benefits with AWS. • Explain the compute and storage offerings available to the healthcare industry. • Understand the challenges, solutions, and benefits of using AWS services for analytics and purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities for healthcare. • Identify AWS Partners and AWS Professional Services and understand how to use them. Intended audience This course is intended for: • Account and Sales Managers • Solutions Architects • Business Development and Analyst Managers • Business Users • Data Scientists • Decision Makers Prerequisites None Course outline Lesson 1: How to Use This Course • Navigating this course • Guidance to learners of AWS Cloud Economics for Healthcare Lesson 2: Amazon Web Services • The Amazon Culture of Innovation • The AWS healthcare team Lesson 3: Cloud Concepts • Cloud computing overview • Cloud computing deployment models • Reasons to use AWS as a cloud provider • Learning more about cloud computing with AWS Lesson 4: Cloud Economics • Cloud Economics overview • Economic benefits of cloud computing • Benefits of Cloud Economics • Pillars of cost optimization • AWS Cloud Value Framework • AWS Free Tier overview • How AWS Pricing works • Managing your costs • Cost management tools Lesson 5: AWS for Health • AWS for Health overview • AWS for Healthcare & Life Sciences • AWS and AWS Partners purpose-built solutions Lesson 6: Compute Offerings for Healthcare • Amazon EC2 overview • EC2 instance types • Amazon EC2 pricing models • AWS Compute Optimizer • High performance computing (HPC) for healthcare • Compute case studies and customer stories • Serverless computing on AWS Lesson 7: Storage Offerings for Healthcare • Cloud storage overview • How cloud storage works • Benefits of cloud storage • Types of cloud storage • AWS storage services • Storage case studies and customer stories Lesson 8: AWS Services for Analytics • AWS services for analytics • Using AWS analytics for healthcare Lesson 9: Purpose-Built AI/ML Services for Healthcare • Purpose-built AI/ML services • Introduction to Amazon HealthLake Lesson 10: AWS Healthcare Partners and AWS Professional Services • AWS Partners • AWS Marketplace • AWS Data Exchange • AWS Professional Services Lesson 11: Resources • Learn more about AWS for Health • Questions and direct engagement about AWS fo


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