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Amazon Braket Getting Started

Course description Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It gives you secure, on-demand access to a variety of quantum technologies in the familiar AWS pay-as-you-go model. In this course, you will learn how Braket is used to program quantum computers and to explore their potential applications. An overview of the service and demonstrations are covered in this course. • Course level: Fundamental • Duration: 1 hour Activities This course includes video demonstrations. Course objectives In this course, you will learn to: • Summarize the features and capabilities of Braket. • Run quantum algorithms using the Amazon Braket Python SDK. • Use Braket from the AWS Management Console. Intended audience This course is intended for: • Quantum-curious developers • Solutions architects • Technology enthusiasts • Enterprise technology evaluators Prerequisites We recommend that attendees of this course have: • AWS Management Console access  Course outline • Introduction • Using Braket • Resources


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